June Pet Treater Subscription Box

Hello friends!

I am very pleased to share with you Opal and I’s review of the June 2017 Pet Treater Subscription Box. I’ve broken down our review into 5 key components each worth 1 point on an overall scale of 5.

  1. Packaging & Aesthetic
  2. Variety of Items in the Box
  3. Durability of Items
  4. Value of Items
  5. Does the Dog Like It?

A perfect score on this scale is a 5 out of 5. All item prices have been rounded to the nearest 50 cents for easy math, but prices may differ slightly online from various retailers.

Ideally, I think that a great subscription box not only includes fun things for the dog but items for their people as well. Toys and products that can be used together by both dogs and their people will significantly improve the score, as Opal seems to enjoy herself most when doing something with a friend.

When I went to the mail room with Opal to pick up our packages, our Pet Treater box really stuck out of the pile – it is brightly colored with green, reds, and blues in a happy feeling pattern. I appreciated that it looked special and different from my other mail; I think of this kind of subscription box as a monthly present for my dog, and it’s nice that it is decorated in such a fun way. Moving forward, it might even be possible that Opal comes to recognize the packaging and I love the idea of her becoming excited with she sees the box.

Inside the packaging was also vibrant and enthusiastic.

What’s Inside?


Foufit Freeze’n Float Pupsicle ($8.00)

Living in Orlando, Opal and I frequently find ourselves fighting with the heat day to day. I was excited to test this toy out on a hot day, but sadly it didn’t survive long enough! The toy seems like it was maybe designed for smaller dogs, and my 35 lb ACD shredded it in about two minutes.

(here’s a photo about 10 seconds before that poor toy died)

Outward Hound Pal Pak Harness ($11.50)

This is actually my favorite item in the whole box this month. The monster theme was unexpected but very cute. Opal isn’t always very keen about wearing new harnesses, but warmed up to this one quickly and seemed comfortable. The pack has two side pockets as well, though each for a different purpose. One pocket can be used to store treats and other items, while the other is designed to dispense poop-bags while on the go!

Stuffed Ham Sandwich Toy

Ah, a squeaky toy. These are Opal’s favorites usually, so when I began to offer her things from the box, she gravitated to this first. Decently sized with a fun theme, I do like this toy (and so does the dog) but I worry that it will not hold up long term and I would not recommend this to shredders or chewers.

Admittedly though, Opal loves it.


Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations 3-Cheese Pleaser ($1.50)

Yummy treat in a cute shape. Ours did arrive broken, but Opal nonetheless scarfed down every crumb of this treat.

OUT Bar ($3.00) (Pictured Above)

Very excited to see this included! Opal and I are avid hikers and travelers, and the idea of a meal replacement is especially appealing so we can carry less kibble while on the go. These are grain free, and high in carbohydrates for fast energy. Opal and I fly out to Salt Lake City for another adventure on the 15th this month, so we will save this treat for then and use it while hiking.

Exclusively Dog Lickorish Chews ($4.50) (Pictured Above)

Opal is very interested in these treats and they were excellent motivation for her to perform tricks. I like that they have no extra sugar, soy, corn, or wheat in them as well. The treats also have a strong but pleasant fruity smell to them, which is different from the typical cheese or beef smelling snacks we give.

Mount Everlasting Himalayan Chew ($12.00) (Pictured Above)

I have been meaning to try these treats as a healthy chewing option, and we were excited to check it out.

For the Human:

Sportline Wrist Wallet ($15.00)

While this ended up not fitting my arm, I very much like the idea behind this product. I am approximately 5’4” and average size, however, this was too small for my wrist. In theory, it would be a great way to store some credit cards and an ID while out on a jog with the dog. We ended up giving this as a gift to a friend to whom it was better suited and they seem to be pleased with it.

Arm & Hammer Gum Hugging Finger Brush ($2.50)

Opal tolerates me brushing her teeth with a traditional toothbrush for dogs, but I wasn’t sure how she would take to these. The bristles are shorter than our traditional brush, but it is easier to maneuver over her teeth. I’m not sold on this one (I don’t think Opal is either) but I think we will continue to use it and figure things out.

Does the Dog Like It? –

Overall, Opal seemed very pleased with many of the items within the box and was especially excited about the Ham Sandwich toy. She also had fun with the Foufit Freeze’n Float Pupsicle, but that fun was had by destroying it. Of the treats, my dog liked all of them in this box, but the favorite would appear to be the Exclusively Dog Lickorish Chews. Also, while not a fan of getting her teeth brushed, Opal tolerated the finger brushes reasonably well.

The Final Verdict:

I found many of the inserts (Dog of the Month / Monthly Mission) to be cute and fun to read – one of my favorite things about this box is that many of the items are intended to be enjoyed by both my dog and myself both independently and together which sets it a bit apart from other subscriptions we have tried. The overall value of the items within the box also well exceed the monthly price of 24.99 in my opinion, however, some of the items were not very durable or were the wrong size. While I do tend to prefer boxes with a true theme to them, this seemed like a cohesive mix and I look forward to checking out next month to compare.

  1. Packaging & Aesthetic – 1 point
  2. Variety of Items in the Box – 1 point
  3. Durability of Items – .5 point
  4. Value of Items – .5 point
  5. Does the Dog Like It? – 1 point

Total Score: 4/5


Local Treasures – April 2017

At the beginning of the month, I moved from my college residence into my first “adult” apartment. Opal and I were excited and found ourselves in a fresh new city with everything at our fingertips.

We realized, however, after a particularly fun romp in the dirt, that our previous groomer was now too far away, so I needed to find a new grooming salon that was sensitive to my dog’s fear of being groomed.

Opal is a sweet girl that became afraid of the industrial cage dryers used at many commercial salons which made leaving her for an appointment scary and stressful. Thus began my search for salons that would hand dry my dog. Off to Google! After some clicking around and a phone call here and there, I came across Metropolitan Dog Spa, which was just a short 15-minute walk from the new apartment and right next to Lake Eola.

Jessica, one of the groomers, was kind enough to answer all of my questions over the phone. Not only do they use organic products and shampoos, they only hand dry the dogs. There are no cage dryers for my dog to cower in.

“It seems to be much less stressful for them, and we take it at their pace,”

Excited, I made an appointment for that weekend.

Upon arriving on Saturday, I noticed the open feel. There was only one other dog there at the time and the space was quiet. Opal remained unphased, sniffing around the shelves as I spoke with Jessica about what I wanted to be done (Bath, ears, nail dremel…).

I handed Jessica the leash, kissed my girl on the head, and left.

I spent the 45 minutes I had alone exploring more of the city, walking around Lake Eola and taking pictures of the baby swans on the Lake. My phone rang – Opal was done! After walking back, I came back into the salon to find my dog playing with a tennis ball in the waiting area, tail wagging. The fact that Opal was allowed to hang out in the salon to decompress and play with a tennis ball after being groomed instead of waiting in a crate really seemed to make a difference for her.

Beyond just being a happy dog, Opal was also now a clean dog. She smelled good and her fur was soft to the touch. Jessica let me know that she had used a de-shedding shampoo to help get some of that dense undercoat out now that things were heating up weather wise. Opal’s nails were neat and trim too!

I picked up a clean and happy dog from the groomer that day – and for the first time, I felt like I hadn’t had to sacrifice one over the other. We’ll definitely be back!

Graduated At Last!

After all the years of studying, lecture, lab, and term papers… we did it! I am proud to announce that Opal and I have graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science.


Professional Photography Credit goes to the lovely Lauren of Lauren Rita Photography


Action shot as we crossed the stage



Also, big thank you to Edie on Etsy at PetDogTrainer for making such a fabulous custom graduation cap!

The American Disabilities Act FAQ on Service Animals

I am very pleased to share that the ADA posted a FAQ on service animals, detailing what a service animal actually is as well as the rights of their disabled handlers.

Here is a link to the FAQ on the ADA.gov website, and I urge everyone to take a peak at it when they have a free moment!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 5.29.13 PM