July 2017 Pet Treater Box Review

Hello friends!

The July Box Arrived! Here is our review of the July 2017 Pet Treater Subscription Box. I’ve broken down our review into 5 key components each worth 1 point on an overall scale of 5.

  1. Packaging & Aesthetic
  2. Variety of Items in the Box
  3. Durability of Items
  4. Value of Items
  5. Does the Dog Like It?

A perfect score on this scale is a 5 out of 5. All item prices have been rounded to the nearest 50 cents for easy math, but prices may differ slightly online from various retailers.

Ideally, I think that a great subscription box not only includes fun things for the dog but items for their people as well. Toys and products that can be used together by both dogs and their people will significantly improve the score, as Opal seems to enjoy herself most when doing something with a friend.

Like last month, our Pet Treater box really stuck out of the pile of other deliveries – it is brightly colored with green, reds, and blues in a happy feeling pattern. Something I learned recently is that dogs see colors on a different spectrum from human beings and that she can see the blues and yellows on this box very well! I appreciated that it looked special and different from my other mail; I think of this kind of subscription box as a monthly present for my dog, and I think with these kinds of colors, Opal may come to recognize the packaging. She certainly was excited to see this one!

Inside the packaging was also vibrant and enthusiastic.

What’s Inside?


Petlou Monkey Stick Plush Dog Toy – $12.00

Animal Planet Plush Toy – $?

I thought this toy was very cute, but it lasted all of about 5 minutes before my dog had shredded the tennis ball. Due to the danger of tiny pieces, I did confiscate it. I wasn’t able to locate this toy online to determine the actual price, but I would estimate a value of around $7.00.

Open Road Portable Pet Bowl – $? 

I wasn’t able to locate this item online to determine the actual price, but I would estimate a value of around $8.00. What I like most about this is that it can fold up very small – I’ve begun slipping it in my back pocket on walks just in case Opal needs a quick drink.


Three Dog Bakery Treats – $3.50

These are from Asheville, NC, so made in USA! Opal liked these quite a bit – they are crunchy treat sticks with a carob dip on one end. We broke them into smaller pieces to make them last longer.

I’d Rather Be With My Dog Prime Dog Treats – $15.00

Yummy grain free treats that are a decent size for trick training. Opal liked these a lot when I hid them in KONG type toys. Again, I am always happy to have something that was made in USA.

Puppy Scoops – Vanilla Flavor Ice Cream Mix For Dogs – $8.00

Out of the whole box, this is the item that I am most excited about! I recommend mixing the ice cream powder with hot water in a different container than the provided pint jar to avoid spilling and to make your life easier. Flavor wise, my dog really seems to enjoy it! I’ve been giving her small portions (1-2 tablespoons) as a snack.

For the Human:

Güd Cleansing Wipes – $5.00 per pack of 10

These wipes are from the güd line from Burt’s Bees, and they contain no parabens, no phthalates, and no petrochemicals which is great for sensitive skin. I also like that these products are never tested on animals! The scent for these is very strong, but pleasant. Between the two here, I think I preferred the Ruby Groovy wipes which are grapefruit & thyme scented. The only con that I noticed with these is that they do tend to dry out quickly once the package is opened, but if you re-wet them with a little water they still work great. I ended up putting a pack in my car and a pack in my boyfriend’s car for after the gym.

Four Paws Magic Coat Folding Kneeling Dog Bath Caddy – $6.00

Opal was due for a good bath after our last trip to the dog park. Lake Baldwin Park (formerly Fleet Peeple’s Park) is home to a rather large area for dogs to romp and run around. Unsurprisingly, the lake there is also a huge attraction for dogs who like to swim – like mine! The only thing about having a dog that loves to swim however is that wet dog smell… so a bath was in order. I set up the mat to try it out. It has three compartments to store your grooming products, but the suction cups of the mat are not strong enough to actually hold it up in this position while anything substantial is in those pockets.

I did appreciate having something soft for my knees though!

Opal’s not a big fan of bath time, but she tolerates it for me 🙂

Does the Dog Like It? –

My dog most enjoyed the ice cream out of all of the included items this month, but also likes the Petlou Monkey toy! Opal probably enjoyed shredding the Animal Planet toy as well, but I wish that it lasted longer for prolonged fun. I can’t say that she is a fan of having a bath, but I enjoyed the “For the Human” products this month and found them to be useful.

The Final Verdict:

My favorite thing about this box is that many of the items are intended to be enjoyed by both my dog and myself both independently and together which sets it apart from other subscriptions we have tried. The overall value of the items within the box also well exceed the monthly price of 24.99 in my opinion, however, some of the items were not very durable like the Animal Planet toy. The Magic Coat mat was also not strong enough to really hold things up but made the kneeling position I find myself in more comfortable.

  1. Packaging & Aesthetic – 1 point
  2. Variety of Items in the Box – 1 point
  3. Durability of Items – .5 point
  4. Value of Items – .5 point
  5. Does the Dog Like It? – 1 point

Total Score: 4/5


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